Friday, June 12, 2009

Tesfaye's journey from Addis to Vancouver to surgery today (June 12th)

Well I cannot believe that today has come - they are operating on Tesfaye as I write this. I took him in at 5:30 am, and stayed with him until they wheeled him out to the OR at 6:50. Although he appeared calm and mustered a few smiles, I could sense perhaps a little trepidation that hadn't appeared before, which would only be natural and expected; I can only imagine what I would be like if it were me.

When I think back to March 2008 and the night that I had Dr. Rick Hodes and his entire "foster " family come to the Sheraton Addis for the buffet dinner, and my spontaneous decision to try to find help for Tesfaye in Vancouver after I learned that Tesfaye was twice turned away at the last minute from life-changing surgery in Ghana , little did I know how long the process would take and all that the process involved. We will leave that part of the story for some other time or place for now. The last few weeks with Tesfaye finally arriving and staying with us have been somewhat surreal, but today as we wait for the surgical outcome it is all too real.

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