Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emails from Tesfaye with Pictures - happy/studying hard

November 22nd to December 9, 2009:  Over the last couple of weeks Tesfaye has sent us three or four short email updates with a few pictures,some of which related to my November 3rd post and were just loaded into that post today.  To summarize those emails:
      Last week Tesfaye had the week off of school and so he just relaxed and did some reading, as the week before that he had exams. He asks about
all of our family, including our cockatoo Mango and dog Ziggy and enjoys the pictures we send him. Often our long emails to him with lots of questions receive a brief answer, as the cost to use the Internet cafe in Addis is relatively expensive. He sent us some pictures taken at school with some friends, showing his new short haircut - very handsome!      
Overall, he sounds and looks happy. Our friend Dr. Rick also tells me that Tesfaye seems very happy;  Tesfaye is sharing an apartment with Aselefaw that is within walking distance of Rick's house, and Rick says that whenever he sees Tesfaye he still marvels at how straight Tesfaye is now.