Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching up - Part Three

Monday August 31st to Monday September 7th: Noteworthy events: Nanci leaves for Kelowna with her sister Julie on Wednesday Sept. 2nd. Tesfaye has a casual week of some tutoring and a few outings with Stephanie and Brandon, as well as doing homework and watching some movies. Nice to have a long weekend but the weather does not cooperate. Friday night September 4th we had a nice Shabbat dinner at Haley's; Saturday after Jerus was finished her morning presentation at Beth Israel, Tesfaye Jerus and I went to visit Pamela Masik's studio, walk around Gastown, and go for Ethiopian meal at Fassil's;Sunday Erez,Tesfaye,Jerus and I have a hard fought basketball 2 on 2 rematch, then in the evening we all go to Sabra's for a good Israeli meal and Nanci surprises us and comes home a day early. Monday I fit in a golf game, while Nanci, Jerus and Tesfaye do their own thing.

Monday August 24th to Sunday August 30th:Highlights -Global TV segment airs August 27 ( see top right corner of blog), Tesfaye continues with tutoring and visits Van Dusen gardens with Nanci; at Van Dusen there is an exhibition of Zimbabwe sculptures which Tesfaye and Nanci very much enjoyed.
Other highlights were Stephanie returns home from 3 weeks in Europe, and there was a hotly contested 2 on 2 basketball match beween Jerus and Gary against Erez and Tesfaye. leaving us all tired and sweaty.

Last but not least, Nanci and I celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary on the 30th by going out for a lovely Italian dinner at La Terazza with my children and Tesfaye, Jerus and Erez.

Details and photos to follow soon.