Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dr.Rick Hodes gives remarkable Commencement Address to 2013 Brandeis graduating class

My friend and hero Dr. Rick Hodes received an honourary degree and gave the commencement address on May 19th at Brandeis University. Here is a link to the words and video of his uniquely inspiring address: 
In his wide-ranging remarks you will see Rick also makes reference to Tesfaye and his sister Fanteye.

Happy "(Re)Birthday" Tesfaye!

Tesfaye with me and his sister Fanteye
Dec. 2012
It was four years ago yesterday that Tesfaye had his 14 hour life-changing spine surgery performed at VGH by Dr. Marcel Dvorak and his superb spine unit team:2009/06/12tesfayes-journey-from-addis-to vancouver-to-surgery  How the years fly by!

I will never forget the gamut of emotions I went through that long day until getting word that it was over and successful, and then seeing him lying on his back in recovery:2009/06/12 surgery-completefirst-day-of-recovery.html

Though it was a very difficult month of dealing with post-operative complications in the hospital, the ensuing story of his re-birth over the last four years has been remarkable and has touched and transformed my family and the lives of his family and friends in so many ways.

Here is a copy of an email note received from Tesfaye yesterday:
"Hello  My dears,
how are you so much?? and how is your feeling Abba? I wish you are in
full of health and happy with your work!!. Mom how is life and
The days are running fast  I couldn't believe it,Today is the  day of
4th year that I have reborn  my miracle life in VGH, because of you.
June 12th. :D I think about you and
Love you for ever!!