Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy "(Re)Birthday" Tesfaye!

Tesfaye with me and his sister Fanteye
Dec. 2012
It was four years ago yesterday that Tesfaye had his 14 hour life-changing spine surgery performed at VGH by Dr. Marcel Dvorak and his superb spine unit team:2009/06/12tesfayes-journey-from-addis-to vancouver-to-surgery  How the years fly by!

I will never forget the gamut of emotions I went through that long day until getting word that it was over and successful, and then seeing him lying on his back in recovery:2009/06/12 surgery-completefirst-day-of-recovery.html

Though it was a very difficult month of dealing with post-operative complications in the hospital, the ensuing story of his re-birth over the last four years has been remarkable and has touched and transformed my family and the lives of his family and friends in so many ways.

Here is a copy of an email note received from Tesfaye yesterday:
"Hello  My dears,
how are you so much?? and how is your feeling Abba? I wish you are in
full of health and happy with your work!!. Mom how is life and
The days are running fast  I couldn't believe it,Today is the  day of
4th year that I have reborn  my miracle life in VGH, because of you.
June 12th. :D I think about you and
Love you for ever!!


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